Do You Suffer From Eczema or a Regularly Occurring Rash?

2 minute read | 04.12.2022

Do you suffer from skin irritants? Here's how Traditional Chinese Medicine may help.
Do you suffer from skin irritants? Here's how Traditional Chinese Medicine may help.

By: Marilyn Hubley (2nd-year student)

Through the therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, common skin irritants such as eczema can be put into remission by a series of treatments. Eczema is quite prevalent where approximately 20% of children and 3-4% of adults are affected. Eczema is a form of dermatosis and can often be interpreted as a persistent rash as it’s itchy in nature. It can vary in degrees, where it could be barely visible to the eye - yet itchy. It can also present as dry, scaly, red, weepy, or show as pustules, whether these aspects are combined or standalone.

Within the scope of Chinese medicine, eczema is normally considered as a symptom of wind, heat, or dampness. Coming from eastern Canada, you’re never far away from a body of water. I started noticing I was developing eczema on the inside of my elbows that worsened anytime I had dairy products. Chinese medicine also considers dairy products to be damp in nature. Little did I know before learning more about TCM that living in a damp environment was already enough on my constitution, when I was consuming some dampening foods I was overwhelming the amount of dampness I already had due to the climate. Through the elimination of the same dairy products alone the eczema was gone 100% in two weeks.

Eczema can arise from a variety of causes such as a burdened immune system, allergens, stress or environmental pollutants. It may also be contact eczema where wearing certain jewelry, fabric, or detergent could be the trigger. TCM works internally to strengthen the body and rectify imbalances that are reflective on the skin. A variety of modalities will be put into use depending on the person being treated, and the form of eczema that’s present. TCM looks to treat the root cause of illness beginning with aspects that ameliorate the condition and focusing on acupoints or that will accentuate amelioratory aspects. The form of TCM modality that’s used for the condition will vary depending on what’s best indicated for the person. Whether it be food energetics with nutrition counselling, herbal supplements, lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, ointments, or a combination of these may be advisable.

Many notice quality of life improvements with just one acupuncture session :)

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